Monday, October 13, 2014

XnViewMP for Linux (Graphic Viewer)

I was updating some of the MS Windows software I use when I saw that XnViewMP released a Linux version.  XnViewMP is a graphic image viewer that has some cropping/tweaking abilities.  I use it on Windows so I thought I'd try it on Ubuntu.

The thing I like with XnViewMP is that it displays EXIF Data, allows you to add comments, set categories, and ratings, all searchable.  You can look at the 100's of photos you just took, rate them (poor, fair, average, good, excellent) then filter your displayed results to just show the "excellent" ones.  Or you can assign categories to your photos, and then filter based on those (i.e. pets, trees, me, etc.).

You can click on thumbnails and bring them up full screen.  From there you can launch a slideshow, do some color adjustment or apply a few filters.  You can resize images or print them.  There are some color adjustments, light level correction, and batch file operations (resizing, renaming, etc.)

To download and install XnViewMP Click Here and download the Linux Version (.deb).  Once it's downloaded just double click on the XnViewMP-linux.deb file and choose install once the Ubuntu Software Center appears.

The above link takes you directly to the download page.  If that doesn't work or if you just want to know more before you install it here's the main page link.

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